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[Release] - World of Warcraft Theme

Converting my EverQuest guilds e107 forums over to myBB and gave this theme a shot. Its outstanding however that problem with some things not respecting your URL structure showed up for me and I've not been able to solve it so far.

(some links don't want to remain in /forums under this theme so I'm still playing with it and other themes)
Beautiful theme, it's very "complete" if you know what I mean...
This theme is broken. Some images and links point to "site root" instead of "bburl" variable or "forum root".


Your forum URL:

So if you want to see a thread, it will be something like this:

But with this theme:

Great theme, but unusable.
Fixed , download the attachment

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 3.7 MB / Downloads: 2,337)

Please can someone tell me if this theme is compatible with the latest version of MyBB and whether there are any current problems with it? Thank you.
Great job on this theme Seph. You've inspired me to finish my Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 theme. Smile
can someone update this theme?
[Image: PM8RRQ7.png]

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