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My first ever forum site.

About a two weeks ago I got my first version of MyBB installed and working. I don't have any experience in running a forum, I have only made a few static websites in the past.

My first aim of making the forum was just to see if I could actually get a forum working. In the past I have been using free forums on the internet, which are loaded with adverts and rubbish features. I didn't even know free software was available, such as MyBB.

After making the MyBB board I had to think what to do with it. I couldn't think of any great idea's. So I decided to turn it into a chat/discussion/community forum. I don't want 100's of members who don't act in a friendly way, my aim is to get a great friendly community.

So yea, and then I had to think of a name of the forums. And I couldn't come up with anything, and what I did come up with, the domain was already taken.

The current name which I'm going with is DeadWorld. I'm trying to find a better name, as I don't believe that the name is that great.

So yea. My site is I would be great full if you could go on the site and have a look around, and possibly suggest something which I could do to make my forums good.

You can login on the site with the user name test and the password test123.

I would be really great full if I could have some constructive criticism, it will help me.


wow.. it looks good ^_^ congrats on your first forum!
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I just don't see the reason for more and more general discussion communities ...

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