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[F] Join request remains forever upon user deletion [C-Michael83]
If a user account is deleted and (s)he had any pending memberships to a usergroup, those membership requests remain forever until the group is removed.

To reproduce:
  • Make a test account ("user" in my case).
  • Make a test group ("Test group" in my case). Enable "Users can freely join/leave this group" and "Join requests need to be moderated".
  • Choose a group leader for the group who can approve new memberships ("Sayak" in my case). The "user" -- test user account should not be the group leader.
  • Now login to the forum using the "user" account. Goto UserCP -> Group memberships -> Join the "Test group".
  • Logout from the "user" account.
  • Now login to adminCP using an admin account and delete the account "user".
  • Now check in AdminCP under Users & Groups -> Groups. You will see "1 outstanding join requests":
    [Image: mybb1wh6.png]
    ^^^clicking on which tells you that "There are no outstanding join requests":
    [Image: mybb4on9.png]
  • You can also try loggin into the forum using the group leader account and see under "Group Memberships" in userCP. You will find the join request there:
    [Image: mybb3bt0.png]
    Clicking on which shows this:
    [Image: mybb2pg4.png]
    ^^^ which has no action on approval/declining.

MyBB - 1.4.4
PHP - 5.0.5
DB: MySQL 4.1.22
Browser: Firefox 3.0.5
[Image: 01686afternoonshadows10.png]
Thank you for your bug report.

This bug has been fixed in our internal code repository. Please note that the problem will not be fixed here until these forums are updated.

With regards,
MyBB Group
Thank you! Smile
When can we expect the new version to be out?
[Image: 01686afternoonshadows10.png]
As will always be said with regards to updates, when it's ready.
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