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Win a small prize with

I'll get straight to the point. To help promote my site a little i'm doing a little competition. Basically, all you need is to have over 30 posts, and you will automatically be entered into a prize draw.

The site -

The following is from a post on

(01-03-2009, 11:33 PM) Wrote: Hey there. I think its time for a competition. Read on. will be giving you the chance to get your hand a neat little prize. To be in with a chance of winning all you need is over 30 posts, and then you will be automatically entered for the chance to win.

Rules: (as of January 3rd 2009)
  • 1
  • To be entered into the competition, you need 30 posts or more.

  • All your posts must be legitimate. If any moderator suspects that your posts are useless or spam, you may find the post deleted, and your post count may be reset. (see rule 5)

  • Every post must follow the forum rules. You can view the rules here.

  • Only one entrant per person/IP address.

  • You can have up to 3 warnings, if you exceed this you will be disqualified from the contest.

  • The winner is chosen at random. All names will be put into a software program, and chosen, totally randomly. Members with over 75 posts will be entered twice into the draw.

  • You must use a valid email when you sign up. This is needed to contact you if you win.

Please note that the rules may change at any time without warning.

The Prize:

Once a winner has been chosen, he/she can chose from one of the following prizes:

First place prizes:
  • £10 Amazon UK voucher
  • £10 ITunes Voucher
  • £10 HMV Voucher
  • £10 Voucher
  • £10 Via PayPal

Second place prizes:
  • A special email address. "[email protected]"
  • 30,000 forum money
  • Custom Username. Any colour and style.

Please note that £ is British Pounds.

Prizes may be added, and the amount's may by increased. If you think you have a good idea for a prize, which isn't in the above list, please PM me.

The date of the prize draw will be announced once 25 people have reached 30 posts or more.

All questions are welcome, PM me for any information.

Good luck.


Any constructive criticism is help full. I understand that my forum is 'general', and many of you believe there a waste of space - there is no need to post this. I know there are alot of general boards, and mine isn't particularly special.

My site is just for a bit of fun Toungue


(Please also note I might possibly bring the required posts down to a lower figure.)
Quote:Any constructive criticism is help full. I understand that my forum is 'general'

All I can get to is the portal, so as a guest I don't see enough to give me chance to see what the forum is about....Not much incentive to make anyone want to sign up! Other than that, the theme used is one that Justin S has created, and he has many comments in the post thread for that saying how good/bad it is, so no one can really comment on that.
What happens if you click the logo in the banner? That should take you to the forums.

Thats the forums is the Portal Toungue
Well. Is anybody actually interested in the competition?

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