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ezMyBB - Free MyBB Forum Hosting - Backups Enabled!
[Image: logo.gif]
ezMyBB presents to you free MyBB forum hosting with backups enabled!

Have you always wanted a forum of your own but never had the webspace to host it?
Search no more! ezMyBB is the right place for you!

Some main features:
-Free subdomain (
-Themes and Plugins can be installed at request
-Backups enabled! You can get a backup copy of your forum anytime you want to!
-Friendly Community Forums with forum-based support
-Your very own forum created within minutes!
View our full feature list!

Our main website:
Our community forums: (powered by MyBB of course Wink)

What are you waiting for? Join ezMyBB and get your Free Forum today!

All suggestions and feedback regarding the website and service is very welcome and much appreciated.
You have a very pro theme!
Sounds like you'll be giving TC some good competition?
Or forumere for that matter?
I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere right now, even though you broke my heart and killed me. And tore me to pieces, and threw every piece into a fire.
Thanks for your compliment, I made it myself in ps.

About the competition, let's just say I try my best Toungue
Nice site and great use of my MyBB MF mod. Smile

You might want to get abuse.php up though, that gives a 404 error. Smile

Other than that, real nice site design. Best of luck. Smile

Brandon - Find great TV shows and Movies to stream now on Netflix and Hulu.
Now that is amazing! Love your design and it all swaps pages and does all that stuff so smoothly.
Pic-monster My site does work! You're just visiting wrong url!
Whoops, forgot about the abuse.php Toungue Thanks for the heads up Brandon.

Apparently someone didn't like the site enough to rate this thread 1/5. Sad

Anyway, thanks for all your compliments. It would be awesome if there were some critique though.
Don't take the ratings personally. Some people accidentally click them.
Looking good, I've often wondered how or why you guys would offer such a thing, and how you can potentially manage/afford the webspace, other than the forums offered being bloated with ads.
Well, I've got ezMyBB hosted on the same DirectAdmin VPS as my other project Smile I do free hosting, it's my business Big Grin

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