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Since their isn't any MyBB enthusiast forum out (they're mostly dedicated to plugins, themes or support), I thought I'd make good use of and make it into one.

Thanks to RenegadeFan for making the theme. Feel free to join and enjoy a good chat with the rest of the enthusiasts. I'll be making a downloads section for users to upload their themes, plugins, modifications, etc; it isn't 100% complete, but the forums are set so you can join until everything is setup.

Check it out here:

Post up your comments, complaints, and or suggestions.
Best Regards.
Quote:Since their isn't any MyBB enthusiast forum out (they're mostly dedicated to plugins, themes or support)

I just looked at the front page and all the forums you have added, what's the difference between what you have and what's here and all the other likewise forums out there?

I'm sorry, but to be honest I see nothing different to the other forums out there, in fact it's basically copying all of them!
Thanks for your comments/criticism, very much appreciated.

I somewhat agree with you, but the real difference will be coming soon. Smile
Oh I see, but ya didna tell us that in the first post!! Toungue
Ah, Updated the first post. Smile
Very nice theme, besides that a bit empty but it's a new forum so that was expected Smile
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Thanks for your comments. About 200 posts ain't have bad for a few hours of opening. Smile
Hah. Rounding up is fun Smile
Anyways, nice start Smile
Hope it'll last Smile
Looks nice, is that theme on public release??
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^No, it was custom made.
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