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phpBB3 to MyBB 1.4
This is may first post, so it could by with a little chaos Smile
My experience with board engines (phpbb, smf, etc), and also in database is on expert level. (I'm also a PHP programmer)

All problems with converting from phpBB3 to MyBB 1.4 is in my mother language letters - ąśżźćńłóę (Polish rulezzz Wink )
Board which I want to convert is on address: - it's all time online.

As you see, on the sources board I don't have problems with polish letters.
In database phpBB3 tables are in utf8_bin, MyBB in utf8_general_ci (before I also try with utf8_bin tables)

Unfortunately, all time after using merge system, all polish letters are broken Sad
All forums - phpBB3 and future MyBB are on the same host. And the database server also -

I try this methods to avoid this problem:
  1. MyBB tables in utf8_general_ci or utf8_bin collation
  2. Marge System files convert from ASCII to UTF8
  3. Add "$db->query("SET NAMES utf8;");" at 139 line of index.php in Marge System

And I don't have any other idea to complete converting my board without problem with PL letters Sad
have you tried converting your phpBB 3 database to utf8_general_ci? utf8_bin is just binary
No, I don't.

How to do this?
Since I'm not a phpBB 3 expert you'll probably have to google it Toungue
I don't think so, that differences between bin and general_ci are so important. It's still utf8.

A Collation is a set of rules determining how to compare and sort character data. Collation properties include things like case sensitivity, accent sensitivity, trailing spaces sensitivity, and others. In MySQL, every CHAR, VARCHAR, TEXT column have some collation assumption. The main effect of collations is how the ORDER BY sorts data.
utf8_bin and utf8_general_ci are both collations associated with the utf8 character set.

Simple test - change collations in database by query like
 ALTER TABLE `mybb_forums`  DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin 
And also to any varchar/text fields on it. That don't make any "letter errors" on working forum.
But changing to "latin2_general_ci" it does.
I have converted my PHPBB3 forum with the SVN snapshot MyBB merger, and has worked flawlessly.
did you have non-english characters in your forums?
can you not change the character set in the phpbb3 tables through phpmyadmin? then convert over to mybb.
I have a db with DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_bin
Yyyy... I don't understand u :/
(2009-01-11, 01:08 AM)Craigw Wrote: can you not change the character set in the phpbb3 tables through phpmyadmin? then convert over to mybb.
I try converting without any changing in database (via phpmyadmin), and also after changing the collate in phpbb3.
Any of method work correctly.

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