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FreeAds (MyBB+MKportal)
We've combined a powerful forum (MyBB) and portal system (Mkportal) together to bring you a feature rich advertising site for webmasters.

Summary Of Our Services
Here is a list of services we offer at FreeAds:

Free Services:

* Featured Ads - a redirecting forum to your site
* Text Ads - Your own block on our forum index
* Banner Rotation - display your banner at the top of every page
* Sticky Ads - sticky a topic about your site in a forum of your choosing
* Stat Ads - have your ad displayed in our board stats
* Signature Ads - add your site to our staff sigs
* In Forum Ads - Your banner displayed inline with the posts
* Topsites - adds a banner to the page and an icon into our portal rotation block

Premium Ads (using points earned by posting):

* Custom Ads - a full page ad about your site
* News Feeds - a full page ad with an rss feed from your site

Once an ad expires, you are free to apply for the ad service again. Use multiple ad services at the same time.
The premium ads are paid for with FreeBucks...our forum currency...which you can earn by posting, referring members, and so on. There will never be a monetary charge for any of our services.

We also invite you to check out our other services such as Posting Packages, Forum Reviews, Post Exchanges, Graphics Requests, and so on.

We also have a wide range of Free Resources for you to add to your site. We have scoured the net to bring you links to some of the best add-ons that you can add to help increase activity. For example:

* Counters
* Chat/Shoutboxes
* Games
* Guestbooks
* Music Players
* Forms
* Widgets/Gadgets
* Miscellaneous Add-ons

On the flip side, we also believe in community spirit. Therefore we have added several things to FreeAds to help build this community side up. Such as a chatroom,arcade,photo gallery, and the list goes on. We are always adding something, so stop by never know what we will add next!

Our main objective here at FreeAds is to ensure you get maximum exposure for your site, as well as help you make improvements that may help your members and thus gain more activity. FreeAds was built by it's members for it's members. So I invite everyone to take advantage of our many services, and keep an eye out for even more in the near future!!!
i like the new look of the site the mkportal look works for your portal page

as the for the forum i like the entire concept ..and the theme also looks nice ...great to work in light or dark great work
[Image: darkmew.png]

Feel free to PM me if you have any issues with the community. Big Grin
Thanks, Darkmew.
I ran into a couple of speedbumps trying to get all the plugins to co-operate with mkportal. Had to juggle some of them around. The only one I can't get fixed is the usermap, but it'll be sorted soon.

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