Add a remove user onto fail "bounced" email addresses for fake users.
vBulletin has a plugin like this on

It is called EzBounce something,

but anyway. It adds a link onto the bounce emails if you click it, it will move the user (that the email was sent to) into a usergroup specified (which can later then be deleted)

This would be great to have something like this, or delete users instead of moving the user to a different usergroup.
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Why don't you just enable e-mail authorization on sign-up?
at first i didn't have it enabled.
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An old response, but it misses the main point. Over a period of time, people will change their email addresses, meaning the one that they set in a forum may be obsolete.

But if there is no way to check this, then announcements sent by the forum may be encountering bounces through no fault of the board admin.

So, yes, a plugin for this would be a good idea. I didn't notice any when looking at the current list.

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