MyBB 1.0 Development Update
It's been a while since you've officially heard anything from us regarding this release, and that is not to say we haven't been working on 1.0 because we certainly have!

Currently one of the things that is holding us back is our inability to replicate or confirm a bug report and the lack of response we sometimes get from the people posting the bug reports. We need this community participation to ensure that 1.0 is released as stable as possible.

Currently there are some outstanding issues that we haven't heard feedback from the specific users in a while so we're not sure if the problem is still happening. If you are experiencing any of the problems in the list below, I encourage you to participate in the associated thread so we can get these problems fixed as soon as possible.

Editing templates after importing theme doesn't work
CSS conflicts when editing themes
Invalid recipient when sending PM's to users with special characters in names
Sub forums bug / Forum post count not changing
RSS Feed showing private forums

We're also working our way through the bug reports forum, sometimes slowly, to fix any of the issues that we can identify and confirm as bugs. We've identified (since the release of PR2) over 80 issues reported here on the community forums, over 50 on the beta testing forums, as well as various of our own. There have been (since the release of PR2) over 200 commits of source code to the MyBB repository/subversion server and significant amounts of changes.

Along side the MyBB release we're also preparing to launch the new MyBB website which is very much completed at the moment - all that is left to be done is the mailing list system and one or two of the pages.

Announced earlier, I've also been working on a bug tracker that we'll be using for MyBB in the future - that is about 80% complete and in testing at the moment to make sure it is working correctly.

At the moment, we're still working on MyBB but we're also busy with other things - I myself have two assessments due Monday which will attract my attention and focus over the weekend. I have another due Thursday. After that things will be back in full motion again and we'll be headed toward the new release.

At the same time, Tochjo has been busy managing translations of MyBB and organising translators and groups. The translators have had varying amounts of success so far with a few completed translations and alot more on the way.

Plans have also (on the side) been underway for the future releases of MyBB and drafted lists of what are to be included have been drawn up. The new Admin CP layout for 1.1 or 1.2 has been designed and work on it will also begin after we've released 1.0.

This is just a small update to let you know that things are happening here and we're not abandoning you!
The discussion thread for this announcement is here:
Dennis Tsang
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