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CreateBB - Free MyBB Hosting
Very niceSmile BookmarkedToungue
Thanks. Toungue

I just pruned the forums so the stats have gone down a little.
No problemSmile I sent you a PM, by the wayToungue
2.0 will come soon. I resumed the work on it but due to a little Linux terminal problem (arrgh, why did I write "rm -f /public_html/cbb" instead of "rm -f /public_html/crbb") I lost part of it. Smile
That sucks. At least development has started again though. Good luck with CreativeBB by the way. Smile

All the hosted forum combined have now made over 10,000 posts too! We almost have 150 forums and we are getting close to 500 members!

Soon I am going to start moving the files from public_html/index/ to public_html/. So instead of having to go to
it will just be
That, IMO, will be easier to remember and sit is shorter.
Cool, can't waitSmile Look forward to that, and it will definitely be easier to remember and I'll have to update my bookmarksToungue
I just finished moving all the file from /public_html/index/ to /public_html/. If you notice any dead links please report them.

The stats page has now been included in the site design. You can view it at
Getting a page load error Sad
So am I. Says it can't find the server @
I still say createbb is the best mybb hosting site ive seen Smile

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