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CreateBB - Free MyBB Hosting
Remshad could be from another country from what it appears. That may be why the grammar isn't right. You should consider these things IMO.
I saw a post about his english not being very good after I posted that. Sleepy
Hey Snowman... (Josh), i'm the Sky...
Good Luck... i like OMG...
Just a couple of quick updates.

I'll be uploading the queue of plugins that need to be added.
I have also purchased a Premium Membership at RusnakWeb. A Forum Directory and Forum Guardian is coming soon. More might come soon!
What's RunskaWeb? and Forum Guardian? I know what a directory is though Toungue.

Edit: Oh found rusnakweb, it's BMR777's site.
Sorry for the huge bump!
I fixed my PayPal issues and have purchased the premium membership so a directory among other things is coming soon. I also plan on unveiling our new design soon.

Now I have one question. I plan on putting advertisements in the sidebar of the new design. Should I let people purchase them to advertise their website/forum or just put Google Ads there?

If you have anything to say about CreateBB we would appreciate it. Any testimonials will be accepted and might be featured on the new design. Thanks.

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Depends really. If you want a stable amount of money coming in sell it for a fixed price for a certian amount of time. It works better in many cases and you'll actually see the money you make in a reasonable amount of time Toungue.

So I would say go with that in your case Big Grin.
I'll probably do that. I may just use (if they accept CreateBB) to sell the ads.
Someone that's hosted on your website PM'd me complaining about MyPlaza Turbo, but the version you're using is 0.2.5 while you should provide 0.3.0
Thank you.
All my plugins are available for free at MyBB Extend and on my GitHub. has been closed and none of my plugins are officially maintained or supported.
I'll do that. Thanks. I don't know why that person didn't tell me to though. Oh well. Rolleyes

I just looked and we haven't even uploaded the MyPlaza plugin. Unless I'm missing something it doesn't seem it was ever uploaded. I don't think it has been requested either.

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