Shoutbox that WORKS
(2009-01-18, 05:40 PM)technoman Wrote: mods are like toys to me TomL [ ok maybe your right TomL ] Smile
Well it's common sense(not saying your stupid), that if you have something and you change it and then search for it - it will either not be there or will be modified.
Thank you

I Now have installed Musicals one and it works , i guess i had the beta version instead of full
(2009-01-18, 06:17 PM)WaheedI Wrote: i think it might be that i have all of them installed or something but will try now
Could be..
Is There any codes like in vB they have

Etc ?
No, there's not.
which is the best shoutbox?
I Currently have AJAX but to be honest its not the best

But is in all pages automatically (can make custom changes)

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