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Hi guys.

I'm Jeff, and I'm the Owner/Admin of my new website,

About BandPlanet
Band planet is a musical discussion community, aimed towards actual bands. We have FREE Band Advertising, Guitarist's, Drummer's and Bassist's sections for chit-chat, and best of all, our forums are ad free. I did not create this forum because I want to make a profit. I created it because I have an extreme passion for music.

So what are you waiting for? Join today!

All the best,

IMHO, the Site, General, and Advertisements categories should be below the categories that are actually related to music, after all, that's what your forum is supposed to be all about. The rules forum should be taken out (waste of space). You could add the rules to the Announcements forum and pin that, that's if there's a real need to even have a rules post needed.

I'm not sue why you need a category for Guitarists and Bassists, aren't they both guitars? Also, what about other instruments that are used in Bands/Groups?

I'd comment about the theme too, but it's one that's been commented about many times before.
I can't even get the site to load.. DNS lookup error.

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