Link checker plugin
Hi Guys

Yesterday have created plug-in successfully:
Which will check Rapidshare, Megashares, MegaUpload, SendSpace, FileFactory and Mediafire.

Its working really great, but the thing is it is slowing down the message loading process....

Key things in that:
1. Checks all above said supported links including main post and replies.
2. Gives you an option to hide links from Guests with your own custom message.

Right now I have added like
" Admin Note :: Links are live and well" --> for good links
" Admin Note :: {number}% links are dead dont download " --> For dead links.

I have just added that plugin here U can use test/test123

Please test that with different links and give me some feed back so that i can put that in our mods list...
Maybe you can work around the time issue by using AJAX in the post itself.
That way, you can show a "Loading link status" text until it is loaded or something similiar. If you do it via AJAX, I don't think that the forum code is executed as long as it is now.
Please don't put it in the mods list until the mod works faster!

It works fine as it seems, but even your site being of good speed still the posts with 50/100 links didn't even open for me in more than few mins!! I fear what will it be like in a running forum with many links(like mine Wink)!

But remember to release it somehow & optimize the speed too....I am looking for this for a pretty long time now Smile

Thanks for your efforts.
Hi Guys

I finally end up with good plugin

u can test that

using test/test123

Right now its working great except

1. need to add a column(s) to posts table so that
to keep track of how many times in a day user(s) can check for the links availability; if it exceeds display global message saying links alive or dead depends on tests ...

I have already AJAXified this stuff so that users no need to wait for the response...

Problems I found:

If links are more than 100 even in ajaxified stuff depends on then php.ini max script execution time it is throwing exception...

What I am considering is that if any particular forum which is with always high no.of links; we have to give a option to ignore such forums and give a reasonable message to say the same to end user..

Need to provide text box with , seperated values so that admins can specify where linkchecker will not work...

and need to fix regex to accept n no.of sites to check links..

and more...

for a reasonable site this plugin is more than enough...

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