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[F] Spare semi-colon in memberlist.php [C-Chris]
When helping out with a support request, I came across this spare semi-colon at the end of the line in memberlist.php (circa line 323):

		$user['lastvisit'] = my_date($mybb->settings['dateformat'], $user['lastactive']).", ".my_date($mybb->settings['timeformat'], $user['lastactive']);;

Impeccibly small, still works with/without it... OCD strikes again...
Thank you for your bug report.

This bug has been fixed in our internal code repository. Please note that the problem will not be fixed here until these forums are updated.

With regards,
MyBB Group
Will be checking this again in the latest trunk as it hasn't been fixed yet. (just a note for myself to remember to check back. Wink)

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