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Make Recount Process Automated
Automate the recount process instead of having to click Proceed for each page.

Also, I don't know how possible it would be but perhaps have some kind of mathematical check to find the maximum number per page for each item so people don't get errors.
Totally Agreed
would be useful to make recount process automated and more efficient.
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Sounds good, and I agree.
One more suggestion regarding this.

It would be useful and I think this is a must to show the estimated time of each recount/rebuild session, because there is PHP settings that have limits, as session times, php script execution time and others.

Depending on these PHP settings for every host, may be different results, which I think users must be informed for estimation execution time and settings from the begining of the process. Could add a feature that checks these settings and is verified if the process would fail, it should not be started.

Well, it is a suggestion, you can develop this idea.
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That's not really feasible mihails.

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