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Not Solved User Online Hack
Not Solved
Hi to all

I searched in forum i cant able to get the answerHuh

I started a new forum, I need to increase the number of visitors, for that

Is that possible to make the user online status always like these

20 user active in the past 15 minutes (15 member, 2 of whom are invisible, and 5 guests).
Not Solved
Sure... Just go to the index.lang file ( it's in INC/languages/index.php)

Find something like this, it's called online_note, I think:

{1} user active in the past {2} ({3} member, {4} of whom are invisible, and {5} guests)

Just change that to whatever you want.. The numbers represent the values.

If you need to change it back to normal just look back at the original file in the ZIP pack. Smile
Not Solved
thanks for quick reply

i tried that online_note

it is very difficult to do that

For example what i did
$l['online_note'] = "1{1} {2} active in the past {3} minutes ({4} {5}, 1{6} of whom {7} invisible, and 5{8} {9}).";

Now it showing as
11 user active in the past 15 minutes (1 member, 10 of whom are invisible, and 50 guests).

Only i added 1 user active it is showing 11 user active and also 5 guest but it showing 50 guest

I need some thing like if i given 5 guest it need to show 5+actual number of guest.
Not Solved

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