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JustWatch Network!
My awesome mybb forums with mkportal.

Please give some feedbacks and register if u can.
already 113 members registeredRolleyes

and btw im hosting this website from an old IBM NetVista Intel Pentium 4 515MB 2.0ghz processor. CPU i had in my room.
i have a cable internet with one IP and im behind a Belkin router so did some port forward.
so i decided to install windows XP sp3, and install apache 2.2.4, mysql, phpymadmin and php 5
and run as a server and host my site.
I do not host any of the videos on my website.

they are direct links from Megavideo and zshare.

" I am in no way responsible for any kind of links or redirects to or from this site, the poster will hold all responsibility for the external links they share "
That's not the point. It's the fact that you still have the links links to "free" downloads.

Quote:Forum Content

Any forums advertised here that contains the following will be subject to deletion:

* Illegal activity (warez, pornography, etc.)
Hello and welcome to the MyBB community.

Please take the time to read the guidelines of the showcase forum. And you will also find some general guidelines for the entire forum in the chit-chat forum. (Showcase guidelines)

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