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[F] Theme count[Admin CP] [C-Michael83]
Yes it is. You're not understanding my report.
Ever consider it doesn't make sense?

Changing the default theme doesn't move users onto that theme. That's why there's the force users option...
No, it makes perfect sense - you're just not understanding my report.
This may not be the same as what you mean but this is just something I've noticed. If some people have a theme other than the default it counts that fine, but doesn't count up the number using the default theme unless you force it. Obviously the number of people using that theme is the total number of members minus the number of people using other themes but some people may not realise and wonder why the count there is lower than their member count.

Whether that's the same problem, or whether it's worth fixing, is a different matter though. Maybe just increment the count on the default theme when someone registers just so the numbers all add up??
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Think that's the same problem I meant in my first post in this thread. I only attributed this specific one to new users though 'cause I have no other themes... Not even default.
The theme count is correct. It counts the # of users who will actually be seeing that theme, whether or not they have it specifically set or just as "Use MyBB Default".
(2009-02-01, 10:05 AM)bobbit Wrote: Changing the default won't change it for users, only change it for new users that sign up. I think that's what you're getting at at least. Toungue

Your wrong. Changing the default theme will change it for anyone who has "Use Forum Default" set as their option.

(2009-02-01, 09:59 AM)bobbit Wrote: Oh. My bad, I wasn't very clear.

If a new user joins, they get the default theme, but the user count for the theme isn't updated.

Wrong again.

$themes = cache_themes();
$query = $db->query("
	SELECT style, COUNT(uid) AS users
	GROUP BY style
while($user_themes = $db->fetch_array($query))
	if($user_themes['style'] == 0)
		$user_themes['style'] = $themes['default'];
	$themes[$user_themes['style']]['users'] = intval($user_themes['users']);

That count comes directly from the users table. It's not like it's stored in a cache or something that has to be manually updated. All the numbers will always add up.

Can you please check your facts next time? Thanks.
(2009-02-01, 04:17 PM)Ryan Gordon Wrote: All the numbers will always add up.


2+9+56+1+3 = 71. I have 194 members.

Unless I'm misunderstanding something here...
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Free never tasted like pudding.
Well it was working at one point :| I don't know who changed what and broke it.
Thank you for your bug report.

This bug has been fixed in our internal code repository. Please note that the problem will not be fixed here until these forums are updated.

With regards,
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