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MyBB Integrator / MyBB SDK (Version 1.3)
Okay, I have worked on it and I guess I am ready to release the first version of the MyBB Integrator class.

The class comes in with a few functionalities (more will be added).
So far the class contains following functionalities:
  • dbEscape: Escape Values for Database usage
  • getForum: Returns forum data of $forum_id
  • getLatestActiveThreads: Get latest active threads, where posts have been posted
  • getLatestPosts: Get latest posts of one or more forums
  • getLatestThreads: Get latest threads of one or more forums
  • getPost: Returns post data of $post_id, also parse it instantly
  • getPosts:
  • getPostsOfThread: Return posts from a specific thread
  • getPrivateMessagesOfUser: Get messages of a user in a nicely structured array
  • getThread: Returns thread data of $thread_id
  • getUser: Returns user data of $user_id
  • getWhoIsOnline: Returns list of online users
  • incViews: Increase the view count of a thread
  • isLoggedIn: Return status if the user is logged in
  • isModerator: Return status if the user is a mod
  • isSuperAdmin: Returns if user is super admin
  • login: Login Procedure with user and password
  • logout: Logout Procedure
  • markRead: Mark one or more forums read
  • parseString: Parses a string with MyBB's parser (MyCodes/BBCodes)
  • register: Register a new user to the forum. User Info is taken from an array passed to the function

Further information on how to use the class can be found on including a detailed documentation!
Also, the download link can be found on that site
This looks quite promising. Can you check permissions? For example, if you create a custom Admin CP - can you check the currently logged in users permissions to see if he's an admin to make sure they can access it?
Looks good. You should probably include the captcha check on login otherwise your opening up brute-force problems.
What do you mean by this?
require_once 'relative/path/to/the/forum';
What file are you supposed to load?
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Oh right.
I should change it to global.php Smile

About Admin Permissions:
There is a function, which checks for user permissions (isSuperAdmin), so this might be what you are looking for. The script cannot check for forum permissions (yet).

About the captcha:
I will have to create a new function to leave the flexibility, as it is quite hard coded in your file. It already accesses $mybb->input when checking the captcha, so I will leave this to a new function to validate the captcha. I will see how I can fix that brute force security issue. Will be in the next version
i uploaded this and it isn't showing in the ACP
Coming soon..
Because it is not a plugin, but it is a php class you can use as a developer.
oo, that's why, my bad
Coming soon..
Thanks Smile

I may use this in the future.
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This is a wonderful component. Thank for the time and work. I will definitely have some use for it in the near future.

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