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[theming] I can't modify .tfoot
Hi all, I've been making some themes but in any of them I could change the .tfoot appearence. I don't know why this is happening but, I change the CSS and the footer is still looking as the default. Does someone know what can I do?

Thanks in advance.
Is the actual code staying the same? Sometimes, I forget to take out the image, so that maybe your case too.
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Try going to your forums and hitting CTRL+F5 at the same time, and see if that helps.
I already refreshed a million times, but still the same. And yeah, I have the image there and working. Also, my buttons aren't changing either. I already specified the images directory for the theme, but for some reason it isn't working (I double checked and is correct). What can I do?
Make sure ./cache/ and ./cache/themes/ are CHMOD to 777.
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Yeah, they both are CHMODed to 777. And when I export the theme the image directory is setted correctly, why isn't it working?? I already cleaned my cache.

Here's the proof that the theme is using the correct directory
But It still doesn't show the proper images, but the default ones.

Er... I've never seen any sort of code like that before. {$theme['imgdir']} is more what you need....
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That's what the .xml says. The templates actually show the php tag correctly. But no changes on the images are happening... I made many hard refreshs and cleaned cache but that's not the problem. Is there a limit of themes you can create on one ACP?
Is it actually editing it? I get an error sometimes where I click Save and it says it's saved successfully, but if you click "Save and Close" it gives me an error that I selected the wrong stylesheet. Only way I know of to stop that is to restart your browser..
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I had that problem too. And the only way I could manage to fix it was to stop editing the CSS from the simple mode. It never happends when I edit the CSS from the Advanced mode.

But anyways, I think the problem I have is that MyBB isn't recognizing the image directory for the theme... but I don't know for sure, nor how to fix it.

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