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login issue

well first of all let me say thanks you guys for the wonderful work you have done here ^^ and then let me tell what is my problem.


I have a forum smf 1.1.7 that I migrated used the svn snapshop to mybb 1.4 XD I won't lie, it took me two days to made the forum work properly since I got some problems with the ftp programs, but in the end it worked fine.

Everything was going fine until I upload the spanish translation and then we got this little problem.

Everytime I tried to login to the board the member.php dies leaving me in a white blank, and if reloaded it doesn't work. And if you typed again the url of the board it said that you are not login in.

if you want to go and try XD feel free

user: invitado
password: welcome

At this point I don't know what is the problem
any suggestions, ideas or anything is more than welcome

thank you

Thank you

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