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Not Solved
So I created new theme for my forum.This is my first ever forum install so I would just like to ask you for your criticism of it and possibly some suggestion on how to make it look better.
You can say it honestly I can take criticism quiet well,well very good infact.ΕΎ
Any response will be very appreciated.

Greetings Mare

My Forum
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The default images and link colors make it hardly visible. Not much liking it, 2 stars.
Not Solved
Thanx for the super fast response.

By default images you mean;View New Posts | View Today's Posts | Private Messages.
If so I tried to change them to black colour but couldnt find where to change them.

What do you mean not much linking?I dont understand what is it.
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Links look bad, the colors are very dull, and there is no real balance or color scheme. 0 stars.
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