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[F] Warnings Expire - Points Not Removed [C-Michael83]
Glad this is now confirmed as a bug. It's been hell for my members for months now.
Ok, now I'm confused. With all my test users, none of them disappeared after they expired, but they always did before. Not really sure what's going on now...
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I am thinking a better way to do this is expire the warnings then completely recount the existing warnings points. Yeah..less efficient realistically but overall it's gonna work. The problem appears to be the loop in the function that exists.

Recounting warnings should be easy.
1. Empty all points
2. Grab all warnings that are not expired
3. Loop the existing warnings to add for each member

But hopefully mybb will come up with a solution for this. No sense in a warning points system if they can't expire properly. Really creates a big problem and I get members sending me PMs constantly asking why their points still exist even though all their warnings have expired.

EDIT: I am now looking into my creation tool and I notice that when you delete a user the warnings are not deleted. I wonder if that can be part of the issue. I am going to bug report that.

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