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[F] Warnings Expire - Points Not Removed [C-Michael83]
This is an ongoing bug. At first I thought it was my old server since it was having load issues. Twice I restarted all the warnings and truncated the table and cleared all warningpoints for users.

I recently did the same thing on my new server. The problem has arisen again. I issue warning points, they expire, the points are not removed from the member.

Logs show that the task is running and some points are genuinely removed but some are for some reason...not.

Can I propose a warning points rebuild function?
Hmm, a few people have reported this but on my test forum it always seems to expire and get removed, which leads me to think something else may be blocking it/interfering in some way.

I've just warned 2 users on my test forum - one via the profile and one via the post. In one hour, we'll see what's what.
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It's not all users and it's not all points. But it's a bug somewhere. This is my 3rd time experiencing it. I can't keep on deleting all warning points to reset it. I still think a recount would really help the situation until the bug can be permanently found.

I also wonder if this is a bug related to usernames.

Also...why is function expire_warnings() in the functions.php and not the functions_warnings.php? Seems a better a place for it since it's really only used for warnings and during expirations from tasks.

Ugh...I may have just spotted the problem..

$warning['warningpoints'] -= $warning['points'];

Shouldn't that be:

$warning['warningpoints'] = $warning['warningpoints'] - $warning['points'];
(02-06-2009, 09:17 PM)labrocca Wrote: $warning['warningpoints'] -= $warning['points'];

Shouldn't that be:

$warning['warningpoints'] = $warning['warningpoints'] - $warning['points'];

That's literally the same thing. I think this is related to this problem:
Well maybe you can go over the function and figure out what's going wrong. If you want to create a log system custom for me to replace that function or the task let me know. This problem obviously won't be easy to fix since it's task related and the debugging/logging are minimal.
Well...anything on this? As time goes on more warning points are not expiring. This is a big problem for me if points don't get removed when they expire.
Most of our schedules are pretty cramped right now.
Alright. Can I know if it's at least a plan to add a recount for the warnings? If not I will make one myself but imho it makes sense to add this as a feature.
(02-15-2009, 03:44 AM)labrocca Wrote: Can I know if it's at least a plan to add a recount for the warnings?

There haven't been any discussions about that.
Thank you for your bug report.

This bug has been fixed in our internal code repository. Please note that the problem will not be fixed here until these forums are updated.

With regards,
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