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Mini SQL Plugin
Hi all,

I just installed MyBB for my new forum in college. I was impressed, so I study the code and the code is very good. I can make a plugin less than 3 hour Smile. So, here's my first plugin for MyBB Community. My Plugin name is Mini SQL.

Mini SQL is plugin for MyBB that provide a page for querying MyBB Database in admin control panel. Mini SQL gives you total control of your MyBB database. Not all aspects can be managed using standard admin control panel, so when you needs some quick access to all settings you could use Mini SQL. As of version 1.0 Mini SQL features are:
  • Ability to query all tables in MyBB database
  • Clause restriction
  • Add/remove clause restriction

Please let me know what do you think guys...

Thanks Smile

Mini SQL :

[Image: minisqlquerypageuo8.jpg]

[Image: minisqlconfigrp3.jpg]

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I'll try it, thank you. Smile
MyBB is the best forum software! Exclamation

thanks seeker...

suggestion is welcome Smile
Quite nice though looks quite advanced though there are 2 plugins like this i think to my knowledge. Well done anyway.
Well done.
[Image: destroyerjf8.jpg]

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Hi hapatio,

sorry I did not know if there are such plugins exists before, my main motivation is just study MyBB plugin architecture. Do you know where is the address of the plugins, so in the future release I may combine the features.

Thanks anyway Smile
Have a look at the Mods section
(2009-02-08, 02:28 PM)No0oB Wrote: Have a look at the Mods section

Actually neither of them are in the Mods section, one is on MyBB Central (the one I use) and one is on MyBB Source.

But for a first plugin... not bad at all.
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Thanks, this is pretty useful Smile
[Image: logo.png]
thanks pirata... Smile

glad to see you find it useful

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