Discuss: MyBB PR2 Security Update [1/11/05]
faithhealer Wrote:If I patch my board to PR2, will it get rid of whatever is giving me this:
MySQL Error 1045: Access for user '..'@... ?

We got hacked (as explained in thread). I moved the forum folder, but still cant log on to URL without the above message.

Thank You

Probably not. Check your database settings in inc/config.php and make sure your username/password and mysql database are correct.
Dennis Tsang
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Dennis TT Thanks for the suggestion about config.php . There was a problem here, though I worry about how it was changed. I didn't do it. (I don't think). I wonder if the hacker did. It was the same as my login for the site in config.php. They could have got this from me trying to log in.

But does that mean that they could get access to my config.php on server or was it just changed from with admin cp?

The site is kinda back. Though all the formatting seems to be out. Or non-existent even. I'll try to get it back up when I have worked out how to fix the formatting.

Any advice about improving security would be good.

AppleJustworks Wrote:well, regardless of the fact that our databases are still in tact, MyMAF is announcing its switch the Invision PowerBoard Forum Software.

Sorry guys, I just can't take downtime like this...(and bugs like the many I've reported.)

Hey just so you know Invision or any other board is not perfect either. Here is a report just released today about Invision with a security issue.

--> http://secunia.com/advisories/17443/

So you might want to get patching your invision board now! If they have a patch available.....

How can you switch from one program to another on the basis it has bugs?

Windows has bugs = largest OS in the world. Why? Because it's easy to use and feature packed (let's not turn it in OS war ok?). The occassional bug is tolerated because the OS as a whole is fine. We'd rather not go to a 'perfect' OS (perhaps Unix?) because we don't want to have to bother compiling our binaries, patching our kernels etc (quotes from Flash animation Toungue).
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I get this message when upgrading:

mySQL error: 1060
Duplicate column name 'uid'
Query: ALTER TABLE **********_attachments ADD uid smallint(6) NOT NULL AFTER posthash;
If you are just updating this patch, you do not need to run a full upgrade. Just patching the files will be fine.
Dennis Tsang
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so all i need to do is replace the 4 files?
Yes. If you installed modifications that affect those files, then you have to re-mod the new set of files.
Dennis Tsang
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Web: http://dennistt.net
Could you send me the link too, I'm trying to get it all running with MySQL 5 on a dev-staging server.

Is it possible to get a link to the dev-version as requested?

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