GreaT Job Guys!
Great job guys. MyBB is the forum that invisionpower board should have been in my mind great job. I will also be using MyBB on my website. The only thing i have to say is the activation email is a little slow does that depend on the forum, the server, or my email? Cause i got your guys pretty fast but another mybb forum hasent come yet so it much be the server hosted on? Anyway Way cool im gettin my hosting set up for it right now! Wink
Yes, it all depends on how busy the server is. For eg: When I signed up at the msgPlus! forums, it took about 3-4mins. So many people were there, the server was so busy it took a while to process the form.

And yes, I think myBB is the best. Its free, easy, presentable, informative, tidy, fast (depending on what it is used for), easily upgradable and customisable, hasle free, heaps of features, updated regually, popular, good controll system and heaps more.

And the best thing, myBB is far from finished. Heaps more features to come Big Grin I hate things which are left at a stand still.

P.S: Welcome to the forums

Sweet! Thanks man. Ill be looking forward to the new features.
Same here. There is supposed to be some feature that the team dont want us to know about.

I think its something big Smile

Thank you for your kind words.

When you get your board up be sure to post it in the Showcase forum!

Again thank you for your kind words and we hope to fulfill any request/query you may have. Smile
Do NOT PM me for Support!
I also cant wait to see myBB's future, im sure it will have great things ahead of it Smile

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