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[Release 1.4x] Tabbed Menu
.ninja {
   color: black;
   visibility: hidden;
   animation-duration: 0.00001s;
I think you should edit the background image of the tabs so it fits a bit better. Smile
(2009-02-16, 04:33 AM)Hime Wrote: By any chance, is it impossible to show multiple categories in any tab other than the "selected"/Home tab?

Yes absolutely. You can have as many categories in a tab as you want actually. Smile

Let's say your site has a total of 12 categories. You can break them down into 4 tabs and they don't have to be equal parts. One could have 5 or 6 and another 2 or 3.
Oh my goodness... I requested this a WHILE ago when MyBB 1.2 was the latest version TT__TT
I don't suppose you could make this oldschooler's game community 1,000,000x better by porting this to 1.2x ? Confused
I highly doubt anything will be made for 1.2 now by anyone. Labrocca doesn't support 1.2 now so this plugin definitely won't be made to work with 1.2. Why not upgrade to 1.4??
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Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
I use myplaza, gamesection, plus about 10 other additions to 1.2x, which I have custom coded extra things to myself. myplaza is probably the biggest reason, as I have over 1,000 inventory items atm, plus a ton of extra modules I've written myself for 1.2 T_T Users have paid hard earned forum money for custom themes, and forum additions. i've even added blogs to my forums. so if anyone could take the time to make available for 1.2, i'd greatly appreciate it (and maybe even pay you if you really really want). same goes for:
Only labrocca would make this work with 1.2, and as he's stopped supporting 1.2 at mybbcentral, I can't see that happening.
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Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
This has a large admin section that can't be ported to 1.4x easily. And as Matt said...I don't support 1.2x anymore. Sorry.

Really you should upgrade anyways.
Alright, thanks for your consideration anyways. Sadly, upgrading is not an option, for my one forum at least
why not upgrade i mean, it will be something new Wink
Coming soon..

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