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[Release 1.4x] Tabbed Menu
Congrats labrocca, this plugin is amazing
[Image: logo.png]
Has anyone deactivated this plugin and reactivated it? I have had to do so to find another problem with something else in development and when I reactiveated the plugin it no longer works as it's suppose to to see for yourself. I'm still troubleshooting myself but just wondering if anyone else has had this issue.
I know it's missing a div tag which is why it's "broken" but the it was fine when I installed it the first time but after a deactivate activate sequence it is no longer working correctly.
When you deactivate there is a typo in the section. Check your templates and do them manually if you must. Instructions are at Central and it's only 2-3 templates so it's easy.

And make dang sure you are following the instructions precisely. At Mybb Central I am fairly certain all the questions have been answered on how to make this work correctly.
I believe I've already fixed it.
Can I ask if the fix was generally easy? I want to make sure existing instructions are adequate.
well I fixed it before I read it, but removed it to see if there was anything else.

The only thing that wasn't correct was the missing div in the forumbit template.

And the fact that the deactivating didn't remove all the } from the tab menu instructions.

But as far as getting them yeah, it was pretty easy to do.
Thanks for sharing this mod labrocca. Can't wait to try it out.

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