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MegaBBS to MYBB 1.4
Hi there:

I have searched this forum and the web up and down and seem to be stuck-

I have a current forum with MegaBBS, with an access db, and am trying to convert it to MYSQL/MYBB.

I have downloaded a tool, and was able to convert it, however none of my data shows up in MYBB. I have the forum working properly to start with MYBB, all the functions work-
However its connecting to the near-blank starting database. Has anyone had any luck making this conversion that i have missed.

I have also just tried to import the log from the access db to MYSQL, and it came up with nothing. I have a feeling there is not a correct correlation with the tables. At least those are my 3 cents

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Smile

Our current plans don't include support for MegaBBS. One solution is if you can convert that to one of our support bulletin boards, then convert to MyBB.

Thanks Ryan:

So download the merge system, I am not exactly sure when you mean support forum, can you provide a url please. Thanks a bunch for your reply, now I know Im not crazy Toungue
As in convert to a forum software that is then able to be converted to MyBB.
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You can use SMF, phpBB and a few others.
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