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[F] [PMs] Icons [R] [C-Michael83]
(02-28-2009, 08:42 PM)Imad Jomaa Wrote:
(02-28-2009, 08:38 PM)Ryan Gordon Wrote: Hm the   needs to be in there for those w/out an icon

On the contrary, if you select no icon, this code appears instead:

<td class="trow2" width="1%" align="center"></td>

Right, but that's not xhtml valid. It needs something there to be xhtml valid
Try this: & # 1 7 3; (without the spaces), It'll just add a space and save the layout. Or you can use this & # 0 0 9; without the spaces. It'll be valid and it won't add anything since the 173 one will push the icon one space downward.
Fixed locally with your changes. Will commit later today.
Did you commit the change? Because it still uses &nbsp; in the latest revision.
[Image: donation_drive_sig.png]
Yes, I did commit the changes but I decided to go with my own fix. It should use &nbsp; but only when there is no icon.

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