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[Release] Thread Subtitles
Can we change the colors or something in the ACP? Like adding a '-' before the message via-templates.
If so, where??
(2009-03-03, 05:35 PM)Icy Wrote: Can we change the colors or something in the ACP? Like adding a '-' before the message via-templates.
If so, where??

Expand the templates set >> forumdisplay_thread


<div style="font-size:10px; color:grey;">{$thread['subtitle']}</div>

Do note however, make sure to revert it to the before deactivation if you plan on doing it. Otherwise, the plugin won't find the line and it won't remove it.
Plugin Updated. Upgrading instructions located on the download page (link available in first post).


Version 1.0.2
|_ For some reason, the old IDE I used before didn't indent properly (converted some spaces to tabs, others it didn't); indenting now fixed.
|_ Optimized the code, I noticed some things were a bit unnecessary (the downside of speeding through things.)
I am gonna use this plugin no my forum. Competition makes things better and it surely has here.
I have two suggestions if you plan on making a future update.

1) I noticed that when I activate the plugin, and then the deactivate it (after I accidently removed the code from the templates...), the search functionality only searches through the threads started after the plugin was activated, and once the plugin is deactivated, those threads do not show up in the search engine ever again. Perhaps there is a simple fix for this, or you can include it in the plugin(To prevent losing search functionality due to a "revert to original" click to the templates)?

2) You should expand this plugin so that you don't lose the subtitle text if you hit "preview post".

Anyways, those are the suggestions I have.
IPB or MyBB? MyBB all the way!
how can I translate the word "Subtitle" to another language?
I translate it to arabic, by replacing the two words "Subtitle" under:
//preform some necessary template changes

but when I activate it, the new thread page corrupted!

Hey! I can't download the file from AvidBoard. It redirect me and I see Not Found error in the site. ??
is this still alive?
The mod download lwas lost when MyBBSource was hacked.
The thread on mybbsource for the plugin is here:

Imad will probably have to re-upload it.
Thanks, Polarbear541
Mod not found. Sad

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