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Converting from Phpbb 3.04 Help? Please
Dear All,

I was so impressed with the myBB forum that I am converting - or trying to?

I have installed the mybb board and seems to look fine.

I then download the merge zip unzipped per instructions and uploaded through my ftp the convert folder complete to the dir. forums where the mybb folders etc are located.

I followed instructions and the database configuration ran and completed.

I then tried to run the next one and it said I needed to put the loginconvert.php into inc/plugin folder which i did, (took it out of the convert folder and put it where told) now it is coming up with new error:

MySQL error: 1054
Unknown column 'user_id' in 'where clause'
Query: SELECT COUNT(*) as count FROM mybb_users WHERE user_id > 0 AND username != 'Anonymous' AND group_id != 6

What have I done wrong?

I checked the permissions on the convert folder and changed it from 755 666 I thought that may be the problem?

when I tried again it still didnt work. I cleared the history on my browser - same error??

Please help me I so want to convert.....?????



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