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Tech-Tuts.Net (Re-Done)
So we got Tech-Tuts updated again, i have a new partner so we can work more. Let me know what you think, register and post new tutorials! We are looking for some writers to help us along, so join!
Not bad, but the logo on that dark background looks bad. I'd suggest trying something else that looks nice on a dark background (no jagged edges), or finding a lighter colored theme. Smile
[Image: logo.png]
I agree with the logo suggestion that Dalton gave.
No content, uncustomized theme, bad logo. Not much to comment on here.
I know theres no content. I'll ask the person that created the logo if they can clean it up some more.
I think you need a more standing out logo, that one cleaned up would be fine ...but... its plain, no offense, but there are a lot of tech forums out there, you should get a logo that stands out. Smile
(2009-02-28, 01:49 AM)tgo42596 Wrote: I know theres no content.

Then why post your site up? It's called Tech Tuts, shouldn't you write some tutorials first?
It is probably the fact that I need to grow up, im immature and very odd... but the word "tuts" makes me laugh a lot, im sorry :s
Sites not even active... I'm getting an 'Address not found' Error.
Closed by request..

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