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Long code to atttachment
This is my first ever MyBB plugin, so don't be too hard :)
Also, English is not my mother language (Russian is).

The plugin was created for an upcoming introduction of a new forum - MyBB based, of course - on a site of russian programming tool (it's like an IDE, but for several programming languages - Object Pascal/Delphi, FlatAsm, C++, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML) called HiAsm. The idea behind this plugin is to automatically enforce one of the forum rules that says "Please don't post large code chunks (> 100 chars) in message body, use attachments!".

Plugin supports internationalization, language files for English and Russian are already included. Also, maximal length of code chunk is configurable via Admin CP.

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.zip (Size: 3.65 KB / Downloads: 153)
Sounds niceSmile I'll try it out later.
I hope I will meet your expectations. Blush

By the way, the plugin has a small "problem" (won't call it a "bug"): if the code-collapsing is triggered after ajax-based quick edit, the code is still displayed inline, although if you refresh the page, the message will be shown properly.
Very well done. Smile
I might use this on my forum. There are always users who post large code chunks of C and C++ instead of attaching the source file.
Thanks Smile
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