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[Release - 1.4x] Contemporary Green
Contemporary Green
A simple green theme with a great flow and color scheme.

File Details
Description: Theme with Green/Grey/White and a customized header and forumbit.
Color Scheme: Green, Grey, White
Tags: Green, Grey, White, Professional, Simple, Contemporary
Screenshots: Index, Forum Display, Topic Display

Latest Version: 1.0
Built For: MyBB 1.4.4
File License: MyBB Studios EULA 1.0

Subscription Information: In order to download, get upgrades, and get support for MyBB Studios' skins and themes, you must have an active subscription. Subscriptions cost $5/year.

Download Contemporary Green
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I actually really like that. Simple but easy on the eyes and the colours go well together. The thread/posts count is also very good. Gets a thumbs up from me.
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I like it as wellSmile
I think the buttons could look a bit better. Other than that, it's awesome. Great work.
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Nice theme, good work. Wink
looks nice
A+ good work

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