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Chocoate - English button set
This is a pretty basic set. They were made for the tasteful delight theme.

And they're in GIF format for easy installation... Rolleyes

Click here for detailed view

[Image: chocolate.png]

You must be registered at my forum to download. Registration is free.

Download thread:

Need specific text on a button just let me know.

I like the concept, but they're a little too sharp at the corners.
The colors match a little too well..
... is that the BioShock font!?
The font is called Mouse Deco.. I'm not sure if it's the BioShock font though...
As for the corners I meant to create them with a sharp corner so they better resemble a piece of chocolate.. I might make a different version if people request it enough. These were just thrown together pretty quickly, as all of my stuff is. I never seem to put much effort into things. At the moment quantity is more important than quality, for me. I'll focus on making quality releases as soon as I can afford to spend several days on one project rather than 20 mins.
Never say quantity is more important than quality!

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