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[Release] Fast Reputation Change
Yep, sorry. So, there is one more line to delete (around 233):
$db->query("ALTER TABLE `mybb_reputation` DROP `pid`");
Overwrite the plugin file with this post:
Activated again, uninstalled and the problem still occurs...

iarspider, thanks, works Smile
in postbit when I install erasing lines that say do not show me exactly nothing! and if I delete the lines I get SQL error

someone can upload the version that works correctly with the 16*
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Hello iarspider,

I have 2 things to report:

1.- Since in 1.6 mybb versions we are able to see the reason a vote for reputation was made indicating the post. I changed the fastrep.lang file just by deleting what it was in there, and instead, I just called a thumb up smilie for fastrep_useful, and a thumb down smilie for fastrep_useless. So my reputation.php file doesn´t need to be edited as by default, smilies are valid.

Here is attached the example.


2.- Since I do like very much your plugin and I don´t want to deactivate it, I have to inform that I may have a conflict while I use your plugin, and while I activate Registrations from FB using Nayar´s Plugin "Facebook Connect for MyBB".

Once it´s activated this option, and once someone tries to register using their FB login credentials, this message shows up in the screen:

Quote:Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'inc/functions.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib64/php:/usr/lib/php') in /home1/vtfon/public_html/bb/inc/plugins/fastrep.php on line 17

I deactivated the FB connect option for registrations but I´m wondering if you could help me out to find out what would be the problem. Because I may need both plugins running 100% efective in the future.

Any thoughts?.

Thanks in advance.
Hello Sammyed,

I'll check that as soon as possible.
How can I disallow voting for some forums?
I can't find this.
(2011-02-18, 07:34 AM)iarspider Wrote: I'll check that as soon as possible.

Standing by,

Thank you.

What template changes does this plugin make? I'm trying to locate all parts so I can get it working in our mobile template.
Monaco, all changes are done in function fastrep_activate.

Sammyed, sorry for the long waiting time. Could you please provide me the link to the conflicting plugin?

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