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[Release] Fast Reputation Change
Plugin Name: Fast Reputation Change
Plugin Author: iarspider
Plugin Website: none
Plugin Version: 1.3c
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.4x
Plugin File Edits: 1 (reputation.php)
Plugin File Uploads: 6
Plugin Description: This plugin is a "YATP" (Yet Another "Thank you!" Plugin) type plugin. The key differences from known thank-you plugins are:
  • You can not only approve, but also disapprove post;
  • Thanks are not tracked separately, instead they affect user's reputation

Download link:
.zip (Size: 20.25 KB / Downloads: 1,571)

You can also think of this plugin as a simplification of MyBB's reputation system: it allows one to easily change user's reputation in just one click and without thinking hard on what to write in the "comment" field (it is generated automatically) or how much to add/substract to/from reputation (maximal value by default).

The plugin is lang-aware, button images can be changed via AdminCP.

Release history:
v 1.0 - First release
v 1.1 - Added display of votes for each post that has votes
v 1.2 - Bugfix release, changed placement of vote list block
v 1.3 - Fixed language file issues, fixed incorrect replacement of votes
v 1.3b - Fixed compatibility with myPlaza
v 1.3c - Fixed problems with thread containing special MySQL characters; renamed some functions to avoid collisions


1. Unpack the archive to your forum's root dir.
2. Activate it in AdminCP
3. Modify reputation.php:
// Parse smilies in the reputation vote
$reputation_parser = array(
	"allow_html" => 0,
	"allow_mycode" => 0,
	"allow_smilies" => 1,
	"allow_imgcode" => 0
Change the line "allow_mycode" so it reads:
	"allow_mycode" => 1,

1. Deactivate old version
2. Check if all changes to the templates were rolled back successfully, remove manualy if needed
3. Unpack new version replacing all the files
4. Install & Activate from Admin CP
Very nice!Smile I'll try it later
Edit: NVM.. I misread it.

As much as I like it, I'm content with the combination of having the thank you plugin and people being able to rep.

Now, if you added a function that will display who said "Thank You" or Pos/Neg below the post, I'd definitely use this.

Thanks for the release though.. I'm sure a lot of people will find it useful. Smile
(2009-03-03, 09:52 PM)atomicj Wrote: So basically what this is, is the Thank You plugin but it actually keeps tracks of the thank you's?

What happens when a user Clicks a thumb up or down?
I'm assuming it adds to the reputation, and shows it.
Agh.. you caught me before I edited Toungue
(2009-03-03, 09:57 PM)atomicj Wrote: Agh.. you caught me before I edited Toungue
I just noticed that after my postToungue lol
That is actually a very good idea.
MyReactions - All Plugins

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Free never tasted like pudding.
(2009-03-03, 09:52 PM)atomicj Wrote: Now, if you added a function that will display who said "Thank You" or Pos/Neg below the post, I'd definitely use this.

I'm planning this for v1.1
This is awesome. Good work.
hey this is great been waiting for this for a while Big Grin

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