Not Solved Please help me !
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I want to move the forum in the left side and in the right side I want to put banners,links,etc. I dont know how to do this . I moved the forum but I did not how to create a div or something like that to put banners,links,etc. in the right side.Thank`s and sorry for my grammar(i am from rumania and i dont speak very well).

That is the forum .(If is considered spawn please delete)
Please someone ... I tray everywere,but no one help me .. Thank`s.
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It`s so hard to do this ? No one help meConfused ...
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Get Labrocca's sideboxes plugin from MyBB Central.
Not Solved
Thank you very much !!! Heart RezolvedCool.
Another metod exist ? For that plugin I need to pay and I don't have money Sad...

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