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Gaming Guru - Gaming Forum
Any ideas or suggestions for the site?
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
Your logo is alright but I would suggest something bigger and stands out more. I am not a big fan of shout boxes because they take away from the forum IMO, so I can not really comment on that. You should have fewer boards to start with and add more as your forums gets bigger. Fewer boards with more posts makes you forum look more active, trust me on that Smile Your link "Gaming Guru is part of JM Webnet" is messed up.

Good luck!
Thanks Shawn. I was thinking about removing the shout so i might soon!
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
Looks good but i would change the theme, afresh is wayyy to overused and it looks a bit professional for a gaming site, a gaming site needs to be a bit more fun or military, depending on what type of gaming site it is.

Also you must make your site different to every other gaming forum out there if your going to succeed.
All my thoughts are the same as Kruzzen's.

I would really remove that shoutbox - 'cause as Shawn brought up, it takes away from forum activity.

Other than that, nice job, Smile
Any other idea's. My site has been losing members and i need idea's on how to make my forum more active.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.

One of those should help. There's more in the forums. Wink
That helped a little bit. What else should i do to get more active members?
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
Looks really nice! Maybe you can add some game characters in your banner so it looks more like a game site! However, nice design!

Sorry for my bad English
Good site Smile
keep it up Smile

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