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1.4.4 how to add background to menu in header template. Menu where it says search memberlist calendar help etc.
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Admin CP > Templates & Styles > Themes > THEME > global.css > .menu

And modify the "background:" field..
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There was no .menu so I added one and now it works. Also what is th best way to change the color of the words like search, help, etc?
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They're links so I assume they use the 3 'a:' attributes at the start of global.css
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Never mind I figured it out. It was all in global.css. I just never realized it had its own thing.
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For other members wondering how to do this:

Go to:

Templates & Style
Edit the theme
Go to global.css

Find the following:


.menu ul {

Add above:

.menu {
	background: url(your image here);
	width: 100%;
	padding-top: 3px;
	height: 31px;
	text-align: left; /* IE 5 fix */

You may want to edit the code to your standard such as adding fonts and fonts size however this is the code I use for my menu images on all my themes.

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