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Password dont match problem
On my new installation of MyBB 1.4.4 I have tried signing up as a new user (tried different PC too) and it keeps telling me the passwords don't match on the sign up screen??
Any ideas?
the site is
If you'd searched for answer, you'd have found it's the theme. The login box in the welcomeblock conflicts, in some browsers, with the registration page. The solution is to remove the login boxes from the welcomeblock and replace it with a link to member.php?action=login instead.
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Sorry but I did try searching and couldn't find the answer, regarding the changes, I'm no expert with code, infact the opposite! Could you tell me how to change it step by step??
Ok, I've found the header-welcomeblock-guest, what do I need to delete,enter to make it right?? I've tried deleting the login/password sections but that completely messed things up!
Any ideas?

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