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Quote:Note: This is the Legacy version of Google SEO, for MyBB 1.4 and <= 1.6.3. If you are running MyBB 1.6.4 or newer, please go to Google SEO 1.6.

The development of this plugin started when Google released a document called "Google's Search Engine Optimization starter guide" in Nov 2008. After a long public beta phase the plugin finally reached stable status in March 2009.

The goal of this plugin is to implement SEO in MyBB according to the guidelines presented in Google's SEO starter guide, to make MyBB more friendly to both users and search engines.

This plugin requires Apache with mod_rewrite, MySQL, PHP with mbstring, and MyBB 1.4 with UTF-8 encoding. MySQL 5, PHP 5 is highly recommended. Unfortunately, one core file has to be modified to make SEO URLs work.

This plugin is free open source software (GPL). This means that you can download the plugin for free, modify it to your liking, and you don't have to put any copyright or backlinks on your page.

The plugin currently supports the following features (each of these can be configured separately):
  • Google SEO 404:
    - error pages return 404 error code instead of 200
    - add Google's 404 widget to 404 error pages
    - custom 404 error pages
  • Google SEO Meta:
    - generate description meta tags for forums / threads / etc.
    - specify canonical pages
  • Google SEO Redirect:
    - redirect old URLs to new URLs
    - this avoids URL breakage and double content
  • Google SEO Sitemap:
    - dynamic generation of XML Sitemaps
    - search engines find your content without crawling
  • Google SEO URL:
    - replace standard id based URLs (e.g. showthread.php?tid=12345) with name based URLs (e.g. Thread-some-subject)
    - UTF-8 in URLs is supported
    - uniquifier is applied for non-unique URLs

Git: (downloads, version history, issue tracker, wiki, etc. available here)

MyBB 1.6 for the impatient:
  • Google SEO is MyBB 1.6 compatible
  • The edited functions.php file is included in the archive.
  • Alternatively use the Patches plugin to modify inc/functions.php
    .xml   patches-googleseo.xml (Size: 9.61 KB / Downloads: 1,109)

If you come across any bugs, please report them in this thread or PM me, preferably with steps to reproduce. If you have any suggestions or proposals for feature enhancements, please post them in this thread. Thank you for your support!

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ApprovedSmile I'm assuming this is the first non-beta release?
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i am so pumped you have no idea

thanks so much
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Approved on Mods site.

I'm interested in using this for the sitemap, at minimum...
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Installed, seems fine. Good work.
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Thanks for approving this so quickly. Glad you like the plugin.
Not Solved I don't understand. Can you explain the sitemap a little more?
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The sitemap standard (or that what Google, Yahoo, Ask etc. are using) is described here:

The sitemap index is an Sitemap index file as described on that page. It links to the actual sitemap files.

Google SEO Sitemaps are created dynamically. When you tell Google about your Sitemap (in Google Webmaster Tools, or by specifying it in your robots.txt file) it will download the index, and then browse through the sitemaps listed in this index. So Google goes through your Sitemap page by page similar to how a user goes through your forums page by page.

It's split into pages because creating a sitemap for tens of thousands of threads, users and forums all at once would cause too much load. Plus sitemaps have a limitation of 50000 items per sitemap.

The sitemaps are created dynamically and not statically in a task like how its done by the other plugin, in order to give Google and other search engines the current up to date status of your forum whenever it chooses to access your sitemap - and not possible a twenty four hour old version. This way Google gets up to date sitemaps as early as possible which leads to google accessing your new content it found via the sitemap as early as possible which leads to your new content getting indexed as early as possible.
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I´ve just subscribed to this thread

thanks for releasing, frostschutz, I´ll try it in next few days
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I'd try it, but I don't feel like reinstalling MyBB atm.

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