For those having trouble installing ajax chat
Finally after quite a while trying to install Ajax Chat, I finally after much research got it going.

In your ftp go: yourdomain/forum/chat/lib/config.php

Here is were you have to add your database information

// Database connection values:
$config['dbConnection'] = array();
// Database hostname:
$config['dbConnection']['host'] = 'localhost';
// Database username:
$config['dbConnection']['user'] = 'your database username';
// Database password:
$config['dbConnection']['pass'] = 'Your Database password';
// Database name:
$config['dbConnection']['name'] = 'Your database name';
// Database type:
$config['dbConnection']['type'] = null;
// Database link:
$config['dbConnection']['link'] = null;

Don't forget the [color]' [/color]as in [color]'d/base_name' [/color]

Good luck

Thanks Geoff - I managed to finally get this working using your tip
Random Fish and Sims Maniac
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Thanks to your hint, I successfully installed it!

However, now I get this error:
Quote:Query: SELECT userID, userName, userRole, channel, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(dateTime) AS timeStamp, ip FROM web237-mybb.ajax_chat_online ORDER BY userName; Error-Report: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-mybb.ajax_chat_online ORDER BY userName' at line 9 Error-Code: 1064
How do i fix it? Thanks!
Mee too getting the same error ??

what to do next ???

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