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[plugin-release] MP3 Player
Plugin: MP3 Player
Add a Mp3 Player to your board
Description: Add a new page, with a mp3 player in it, you can play songs from whatever location you want as long as the location is an internet one. The only modification that you have to do is to edit the playlist file to add the songs you want to play.

How to install:
Copy the file mp3.php in: /inc/plugins folder
Copy the file mp3.gif in: /images/toplinks folder
Create a mp3 folder in /inc folder
Copy the file playerMultipleList.swf in: /inc/mp3 folder
Copy the file swfobject.js in: /jscripts folder
After you modify the play list to reflect the location and name of your songs
Copy the file playlist.xml in: /inc/mp3 folder
Activate from AdminCP

That's pretty nifty. Might add that to my board. Smile
[Image: logo.png]
greatly done, thankx for plugin
very nice
Pretty cool plugin. Nice one Smile
Can we get it ?
You must be a subscriber to get it I guess.
My Company - I am Microsoft Certified in HTML5, CSS3 and JS
(2009-03-25, 07:15 PM)LS 134 Wrote: You must be a subscriber to get it I guess.

Contact me if you want it, and we can discuss it. It is not necessarily to be a subscriber.

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