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[plugin-release] Thor's Google Analytics
(2009-03-20, 06:54 PM)frostschutz Wrote: Judging from your test site and demos you seem to be doing good work. However I have a policy that is free open source software, so if a plugin is released under a non-free license, or requires registration, or puts backlinks and credits on my page, I just won't use it, no matter how good it is.

Thank you very much for your great feedback, I appreciate your work and judging from it, I am sure your feedback is from your heart.
Regarding the open source software, I agree and not, as you see I release plugins that are open source also I release plugins that are under license - they used to be open source too, but some people doesn't worth the work and time for free.
I am using plugins that put backlinks or credits, but I used them only when are really good and I think that the work of that person should be compensated somehow, as an example if your SEO plugin will ask me to add a link to my site and I am using your plugin I will add the link, because your amout of work done worth at least this small thing.
I will not use plugins done in 2 or 3 hours, with no work (code copied form others) and asking me to add links or pay for them.
But for good one I agree to pay or to add links.
good work thor

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