Not Solved Need theme with buttons in portuguese
Not Solved
Hi there.
I haven't really got the grasp of how themes work in all its extent.

I want to set up this forum targeting a portuguese speaking audience. It still is a bit of accessibility issue f the buttons are in english. I think I saw somewhere a set of buttons in portuguese, but I can't find them at the moment.

If anybody could provide a few links to portuguese graphics, that would be very helpful.

I am thinking of using the default theme or maybe afresh black or afresh midnight. I am afraid there's no buttons in portuguese to all of these, but I would like to try out and see how it looks with the default blue buttons on these themes.

Now how do the buttons work? Are they part of a theme? Are they associated with the board language in anyway? For example, if one board has more than one language, when the user changes the language will mybb change also the buttons if they exist?

thank you

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